Hi, I’m Lauren.


Most days, I’m working in the children’s department of a public library, teaching songs to parents and preschoolers, and science to schoolkids. Other days, I’m hiking in state parks and trying to identify all the birds I see. Once in a while, I push my tiny apartment kitchen to the limit by making batches of chili and canning 30 lbs of peaches in one week. I also like lifting heavy things, running outdoors, watching Game of Thrones, visiting local breweries, trying to grow houseplants, playing bad acoustic renditions of songs by the Smiths and the Decemberists, and reading nonfiction.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and after spending a couple years in Chicago, I have lived in Connecticut since 2011 with my husband and corgi mutt. He’s a historian, and sometimes I can convince him to go to the woods with me. (The dog not so much – all she wants is comfy furniture, silence, and peanut butter.) I am trying my best to be the change I want to see in the world, through my job and through my faith community.

– March 2017


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