13 things I don’t like at the moment

In no particular order, but with upsides because I’m not an especially negative person and don’t want to come across as one.

  1. Cold, cold weather before it’s even winter. This is a recurring problem in Connecticut, my home for the last 3+ years. Upside: er… appreciating spring and fall more?
  2. When the tire store doesn’t inflate my tires as high as I want. Upside: I get to feel like a complete badass when I adjust my tire pressure at the gas station when I’m wearing heels.
  3. Eye strain from staring at a computer screen all day. Upside: hopefully I’ll have some changes soon at work that allow me to move around more, plus I’m writing right now and that’s probably worth the eye strain!
  4. Bathrooms get dirty with use and I have to clean them. Upside: Lysol wipes and baking soda don’t smell too bad.
  5. There is not world enough and time to read all the books I put on my To-Read list. It’s especially bad for me because I read a lot of book reviews as part of my job, so I put new titles on my list all the time. Upside: I get to borrow books for freeeee!
  6. Did I mention the cold already? It means that I’m constantly dirtying my warm socks and have to do laundry. Upside: laundry is nowhere near as bad as cleaning the bathroom.
  7. There’s a bunch of construction going on at my building due to a fire over the summer, and poor Lola goes nuts when she hears people out back or in the hall. Upside: living next to a backhoe is more interesting than living next to a burned-out building.
  8. My laptop is 5 years old, and that means it’s slow as molasses in a Connecticut winter. Upside: I have a smartphone (Galaxy, not iPhone) and can delay an upgrade!
  9. Hubs is doing research in Russia for several months, leaving me and Lola alone. It’s going to suck. Upside: no matter how cold it gets here, it’s not going to be as bad as Moscow. Plus, after years of him teasing me for singing the praises of convertible mittens, an R.E.I. employee sold him a pair for the cold. Who has the last laugh now?
  10. Fried chicken is so tasty, and yet so bad for one’s health. Upside: non-fried chicken is tasty too, and now that I don’t live within walking distance of Golden Fish and Chicken on Cottage Grove in Chicago, I also don’t have much access to awesome fried chicken. But is that an upside, really?
  11. I’m struggling to come up with more other things that I don’t like that don’t involve my aversion to housework and cold weather. Upside: I like turtles.
  12. Working in a public library is stressful at times. Upside: sometimes I get a patron who is so unbelievably grateful for me help, that knowing I’ve made their day makes my day as well. Also, pretty much everyone in the profession is really open and generous and encouraging, and I’m pretty sure I picked the right career.
  13. I can’t find my copy of Spyro the Dragon anywhere in the house. I have no idea where it is, and I want to play it. (Yes, I’m talking about the 1998 original PlayStation game.) Upside: there is none. Dealing with the obnoxious side characters and mini-quests of Spyro 2 and 3 is not an upside.

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